Michael Clarke Duncan dead at 54

michael duncan

Sad news. Michael Duncan passed away at 54 years old, rest in peace ‘Big Mike’.

It’s not generally my kind-of-thing to post about celebrities who have passed away, mostly because I don’t know them personally. But I am such a big fan of his characters. No really!!

My first introduction to his movies was in Armageddon. Do you remember ‘Bear’?? Love love love this movie!

His big break-through came in ‘The green mile’ which he starred alongside Tom Hanks. LO-VED that movie, especially his character, how did one not fall in love with ‘John Coffey’. You wanted to stand trial and prove his innocence from your seat.  No words. Absolutely loved the character he played, and the way he played it. It for sure was a tisse-box-grabber for me.

I was probably one of the few that followed his string of movies from Armageddon to Green Lantern, even if it was ‘voice only’. Truly enjoy the ride!!

Thank you Big Mike, for you were one of the best ‘Gentle Giants’ Hollywood will ever know.

Oppa Gangnam Style

Seriously. I’ve been listening to this for a few weeks now and absolutely love it!!

Gangnam Style by Psy

Psy oppa gangnam style

First thing you should know: I’m crazy about K-POP. Like convinced crazy!!

I’ve been anticipating his new album simply because his style is so unique and hilarious. If you saw the video, you know what I’m talking about. Its just ridiculous funny!!

If you haven’t completely fell in love with the horse dance

Psy - Oppa gangnam style ,

then it’s the addictive melody that has you saying ‘Oppa Gangnam style’ whenever the beat drops

Psy – Gangnam Style

It’s just hilarious to watch!!

Oppa is used by females to refer to a guy that is older than her eg. her brother, her boyfriend, her guy friends that are older than her

Gangnam is a trendy district in Seoul, South Korea. Where all the cool, wealthy and fashion conscious hang out.

My Dear Korea says

So, the song is a comic satire about people who bluff, pretending to be rich and trendy. ‘Oppa Gangnam style’ can literally translate into ‘I’m a Gangnam style’… However, the narrator in the song refers to himself in the third person. He keeps saying he lives or loves a Gangnam style life, but in reality, he’s far from it.

Seriously. Hilarious

Ag no man! It’s Spring again.

Already September and E.tv is wishing us a happy Spring day.

Can we just stop and look outside. Waar sien jy Spring??

I love Spring don’t get me wrong. To me it means: (Almost)Good riddance to winter for another 8 months or so. I really hate the cold, hey! Except for the fact, I get to overdress and say it’s the clothes, not January/February/ and March’s Mc Donalds, its the clothes man 🙂

But now that its here, I’m not looking forward to this

 and those nice people who do it all over you without a tissue or ‘sorry’ in sight. Lovely. Lets not even talk about the sniffers-in-you-ear! Sies man

while that’s unpleasant, here’s my real problem

SneezingSnee-Maybe not. Ai  *sigh*

Blogging. What’s there to Blog about?

So blogging…

I’ve wanted to start a blog a long time ago, but my need to perfect everything got in the way.

I probably wrote a million blogs in my head, but when it came down to plotting it in data, my head went blank. Eek!!

I have so much I want to say and show you but not a clue how to say it or express it in CSS way. The bleeming CSS fed the perfectionist in me. Once I realised that was an option, I couldn”t rest until I understood it from A to Z. Bad bad bad!!!!!

I soon became bored and lost in CSS translation. I even at one point convinced myself it had 3 S’s> I really did. Google was like ‘Girlfriend. NO!’

Anyway that aside. While I failed to understand how to make this blog look extra-beauty-fancy-you-loving-it nice, I realised that that wasn’t the important part. I needed to focus on the content and not the appearance. While it’s great to have it look gorgeous, it’s just as great to have people enjoy what they’re reading.

So that settled. Some-what.

I’m focusing on trying to make a more personal blog with things I like, my life, who I hate and why it’s 9/10 probably you, what I’m looking for and what ultimately convinces me.

I’m going to try to stay true to this.

So here’s me in true colour. Just starting out.

I hope you’ll start and enjoy this journey with me.

Ms Convinced

Spring 2012

Today is 1 August 2012

SPRING is upon us. Did you  hear me? Probably not, ’cause the damn rain pouring down on your umbrella is blocking  any sound to your ears, or maybe it’s your thick fur coat that’s covering you ears. Either way. It’s still  ‘vrek cold, yirre man’, in the words of my ghum-talking-lazy  lovely brother. Yes all us Cape Townians have felt it. Spring it still far away so put away your short shorts, want dis vrek koud meisie kind.

BUT, with that said I’m so excited for SPRING 2012  FASHION TREND COLOURS!!! Aren’t you?


Fashion 2012                   

Why not try it

Fashion 2012


Fashion 2012

The hottest trend colour in the Northern H.

Fashion 2012

CITRON YELLOW                                                                                               

Fashion 2012

Mr.Price over does it, but I love it still

Fashion 2012

KELLY GREEN                                                                                                  

Fashion 2012

A hard one to acquire on a budget but Woolworths has you covered

Fashion 2012

CORAL PINK                                                                                                          

Fashion 2012

Every and Any store has this color in EVERYTHING

Fashion 2012

So, you’re excited right? ‘Cause I’m convinced I AM!!

Source: College Fashion