Make Up hay-daze

Really!! Sometimes, a girl just wants to dress up, put on her make up, that sparkly yet elegant dress your dad calls too short, her heels that society deems hooker-style, and …then have no where to go cause you’re working early the next day. Yeah, so still!! You just wanna feel like work hasn’t become your social life.

So here’s what I’ve been doing. I go on Pinterest, then wanna kill myself!! Cause A:

Mama CiCi

B: Ain’t nobody can afford them things too.

While browsing… I come across some make up tutorials that look so easy. I’ve done something similar before. No pro-blemo, homie. I gots this, o-kay!!

The Achievement/Goal:

eye wear glitz


And the Result/Outcome:

the result


Sigh. You see. This is why I have no social life!!


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