Bright Red hair sooooo 2012

I’ve been feeling this colour for a while now. I’ve seen far too many brave souls try it and pull it off so damn well. I want to dye my hair this colour, I say!! At least make the under part this colour, not the whole head.

Problem is my hair sucks at dyeing. It breaks far too easily and colour washes out like there’s no tomorrow. In order to achieve this red, you have to bleach your hair. And I’m sure you know bleaching aint a 1, 2, 3 kinda step. It’s more like a 1, 2, WTFKindaPainIsThis, 4, 3hours later and I still don’t have red hair, kinda step#FML……Soooo not worth it. But I wa-nt it!!! I’ll have to settle for pictures. For now…


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