Make Up hay-daze

Really!! Sometimes, a girl just wants to dress up, put on her make up, that sparkly yet elegant dress your dad calls too short, her heels that society deems hooker-style, and …then have no where to go cause you’re working early the next day. Yeah, so still!! You just wanna feel like work hasn’t become your social life.

So here’s what I’ve been doing. I go on Pinterest, then wanna kill myself!! Cause A:

Mama CiCi

B: Ain’t nobody can afford them things too.

While browsing… I come across some make up tutorials that look so easy. I’ve done something similar before. No pro-blemo, homie. I gots this, o-kay!!

The Achievement/Goal:

eye wear glitz


And the Result/Outcome:

the result


Sigh. You see. This is why I have no social life!!


Bright Red hair sooooo 2012

I’ve been feeling this colour for a while now. I’ve seen far too many brave souls try it and pull it off so damn well. I want to dye my hair this colour, I say!! At least make the under part this colour, not the whole head.

Problem is my hair sucks at dyeing. It breaks far too easily and colour washes out like there’s no tomorrow. In order to achieve this red, you have to bleach your hair. And I’m sure you know bleaching aint a 1, 2, 3 kinda step. It’s more like a 1, 2, WTFKindaPainIsThis, 4, 3hours later and I still don’t have red hair, kinda step#FML……Soooo not worth it. But I wa-nt it!!! I’ll have to settle for pictures. For now…


Charly’s Cake Angels

Yesterday afternoon I was lazing around

Exactly like this I swear.

Flipping through DSTV and landed as usual on the Food Network Channel. A bakery show. Yay~~ Kinda? Trying to convince myself I was full of Yay-ness. Then…

and I was

I want waaaa-onnnne!!!! and so I sat glued to the TV.

Ladies and Gentlemen this is Charly’s Bakery!! Whimsical and Colourful!! As life should be, I say.

Haven’t heard of it? Neither have I. This is why I mission-ed to find out more.

First. The VISUAL

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Don’cha want one too ^.^

This lovely bakery is located right under the mother city’s monument, Table Mountain. Well, not literally of course. but pretty damn close 🙂

It is a family-run bakery by mom Jacqui Beiss and her daughters

These ladies work extra hard to give their customers some really eye catching yummy desserts.

As soon as you walk in the 5 year old inside you who never really grew up, takes over and you find yourself doing a 360 spin as you obsessively try to look at each and every delicious looking cake displayed. Now, personally never been there, but that’s what I was told. And I believe them, just look at the pictures!!

This wonderful bakery has gone international. They  have their own TV show, where viewers can watch how the cakes comes to life. The show has garnered much interest from locals since their television debut. Everyone wants a piece of Charly’s Cake. And I certainly do too. You can’t help but be captured by these lovely ladies witty charm. I’ve read so many wonderful things about this place, I personally can’t wait to go and experience it myself. With 2 baby showers coming up this year and an engagement, I know exactly where and who I want the cakes done by.

Strawberry Smoothie

One of my favourite breakfast starters; strawberry and banana smoothie!!
absolutely LOVE
I enjoy making this as it’s easy as 1 2 3. No really! Let me convince you.
1. Handful of strawberry and 1 banana, milk and cinnamon
2. Throw all into blender
3. Press the pulse start button
And Voila
Love love love!!! Great start to a spring/summer morning!!